The 5 Rs

- Recycle - At Forgandenny we are no longer registered as a collection point for recycling crisp packets as part of the Terracycle's Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme. Individual crisp packets can be recycled but should be taken to one of the larger supermarkets in Perth. We do recycle old pens.  If you have any queries please do email or call the school office 01738 474155. As a school we also recycle paper, cardboard and batteries.

- Refuse - We are making an extra effort to not use plastic and only if we need something then we source recyclable materials instead. Recently, with the help of our Parent Forum we have purchased bamboo toothbrushes which are eco-friendly. In November with the support of the Parent Forum the children decorated brown wrapping paper to sell as Christmas gift wrap and bags.

- Reuse - Where possible we reuse plastic bags, shopping bags and polypockets to reduce buying new. Parents have also donated school uniform that is in good condition so that other children can benefit from it. (Everything is quarantined as per Covid-19 guidelines before it is reused).

- Reduce - Whenever we buy anything in school we always think if we have something already in school we can use so that we are not buying things just for the sake of it. We have been fortunate that when it comes to school shows we have borrowed costumes and props rather than always buying new.

- Rot - As part of our global goals we talk to the children about having compost at home and the benefits. We have a polytunnel at school which would benefit from a compost heap in the future.