Sports Day Fun!

How lucky we were with the weather yesterday!  The sun always shines on Forgandenny.

Our school sports went ahead yesterday despite the downpours of the last few days.  The rain had been so bad that the painted track lines had almost disappeared. We started with our potted sports.  This year we had 6 vertical teams who created animal names for their banners, which they held high as they paraded around the park for their families.  After a competitive few rounds which included 'The Pipe Challenge', 'Football dribble' and 'Javelin Throw', the winning team was announced.  Congratulations to the Charging Cheetahs!

Traditional races followed and we were delighted to see so many of our new Primary 1 pupils and younger siblings joining in the fun. 

Many thanks to Mr Campbell who took photos during the races.  These can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Sports Day Photos



Thank you to everyone who came to support the races and to those who joined us in the school grounds afterwards for our One Planet Picnic.  Thank you to the Forever Fair group who organised a Fair Trade stall at this and helped promote the importance of buying local.