Headteacher             Miss Louise Kelly

Principal Teacher             Mrs Mel Duffy


In the Classrooms:

Primary 1/2                       Mrs Duffy & Mrs Styles

Primary 3/4                       Mrs Bromley & Mrs MacKay

Primary 5/6/7                   Mrs Henderson & Miss Kelly

Pupil Support Teacher       tbc

Pupil Support Workers      Mrs Rytson  Mrs Summers  Mrs Taylor  Ms Moore

Area Support Teacher       Mrs Kirsty Henderson

Cluster Supply Teacher      Mr Simon Calvin


In the Office:                  

Mrs Northover

Mrs McCarthy


In the Kitchen:                 

Lynzie Underwood


Other important people who may be in our school:

PE Specialist                    Ms C. Warren

Janitor                                        Mr B. Martin

Active Schools Coordinator         Mrs C. Keith           

Music Tuition                               Mr G Baillie